Monday, October 1, 2012

Taylor Swift Talks About Falling In Love

Well, in an interview Taylor Swift opened up about the L-word.  Everybody knows that Taylor writes about her own romances and makes them into songs.  I personally like Taylor.  She seems like a sweet, caring, and gorgeous woman to know.  I think any body would be lucky to be her friend.  She also was on the cover of Glamour and had a photo shoot with them as well.  She didn't say anything about her newest beau, 18-year old Conor Kennedy, who she spent the past summer with in Massachusetts.  I applaud her on keeping her personal life and love life personal and not all out in the open.  Celebrities deserve that and should not have to hide from the paparazzi every second of their life.  I just hope it's gets better in the future, even though it probably won't.  

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