Monday, October 1, 2012

One Direction's New Single Live While Were Young Is #1 on iTunes Charts

So, I checked on iTunes this afternoon and I looked at the Top Single.  And take a wild guess at who was number 1?  Yep, you got it One Direction for their new single "Live While Were Young".  And it only came out today.  And from the reviews I was reading about the single the fans seemed very excited for the album, Take Me Home, which comes out in November of this year.  So, I just wanted to congratulate the boys on being #1 right now on iTunes and they also beat Justin Beiber with their music video which came out before the single.  It had 8.24 million views on Vevo while Beiber's music video for "Boyfriend" had 8 million views on Vevo.  

So congratulations boys!  Keep on singing and all that stuff!

Until next time my lovely readers,

Mu$ic_Lover <3

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