Monday, October 1, 2012

Paris: The City of Love

Everybody I know (meaning my friends who are girls) want to go and visit Paris, the City of Love.  Even I want to visit Paris.  I have wanted to visit Paris since I was little.  My room is full of Paris pictures, maps, posters, etc.

The reason why every girl wants to go to Paris is because it is romantic. It's as simple as that.  It's where people fall in love. It's where dreams come true (outside of Disney World of course) and where people find their destinies and etc.

Now I don't believe that Paris will fix all your problems and make your life better, but it is always going to be a magical, beautiful, and romantic place for girls and women to dream of and go to.  

Until next time my lovely readers,

Mu$ic_Lover <3

P.S. The girl in the picture is not me unfortunately, I wish it was. I just really liked the photo and it went well with what I wrote.

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